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Tooltips help us to show additional information in a small pop-up box using an icon. It only shows when you hover over the icon. Tooltip icon normally presents after the label of the form field. It is very useful at places where you want to help users by giving them hints.

link tooltip for email field

Link tooltip for Email Field

Tooltip is a great feature for Forms. In lengthy and complex forms where you need correct information from users, you should use tooltips on form field labels because sometimes it is not clear to users what should be filled in the field.

In Gravity forms, there is no inbuilt option to add tooltips on form fields. To add tooltips you have to either do coding or purchase a 3rd party add-on. In this article, we are going to use “Gravity forms tooltip” add-on to add tooltip text with a link on form fields without using any coding.

About Plugin

“Gravity Forms tooltip” is an extension of “Style and layout for Gravity Forms”. It allows you to add tooltips on Gravity form fields. You can add text, video, images, links, etc as tooltip text. It has got features to style tooltips using simple settings. You can choose a theme from four premade themes. Besides these themes, you can customize your own theme for tooltips. It uses WordPress customizer to live preview all changes you have made on the form. It has a collection of tooltip icons. You can choose an icon from 10+ icons.

Required Plugins For the plugin

Required Plugins For the plugin

Note: “Gravity Forms Tooltip” is a premium add-on of “Styles and Layouts for Gravity Forms” plugin. So first you need to install and activate “Style and layout” plugin otherwise “Gravity forms tooltip” will not work.

“Styles and Layouts for Gravity Forms” is a free WordPress plugin to style Gravity forms without using any coding. For more information about it click here or download the plugin from this link.

Follow steps to add tooltip text as a link on Gravity Forms fields.

  • Purchase the plugin from WPMonks website using this link. After payment is done then you will receive an email with download details of plugin or download plugin zip file anytime directly from WPMonks account.
  • To install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website go to WordPress dashboard then Plugins -> Add new -> upload choose the zip file then click on the install button and then activate it.

    Install plugin zip file.

    Install plugin zip file.

  • Open the page on frontend where you have added gravity form and use the “customize” button at top of the page to open WordPress customizer. Read more about how to open customizer here.
  • Now you need to click on “Styles and layouts” section and select Gravity form using dropdown which you have added in the page.

    Styles and Layouts panel in Customizer

  • After selection page will reload automatically and all settings to design gravity forms will start showing in customizer.
  • Click on the “tooltip” section and customizer shows you all settings for tooltips.

    Add tooltip on Gravity Forms

    Tooltip section in Customizer

  • To enable tooltips on form click on first “Enable tooltip” option.
  • After settings to design and customize tooltips, there will be text boxes for each field with the field label. These boxes help you to add a tooltip on each field.
  • You can use any  HTML tag in a tooltip, to add links in tooltip text you only need to add anchor tag before that text as showing in below image.

    Add link tooltip to the Email textbox

    Add link tooltip to the Email textbox

If you have any issue regarding this plugin or need support for anything related to plugins and Gravity Forms then contact us or leave a comment below box.