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Tooltips for Gravity Forms

Highly customizable tooltips plugin for Gravity Forms


Tooltips for Gravity Forms is an easy to use and highly customizable plugin. Here is the list of features of the Tooltips plugin.

10 Beautiful Icons

You can select for 10 inbuilt icons for tooltips. They are carefully selected so that your form fields look good when you have enabled Tooltips on them.

Set size of Icons

You can increase or decrease the size of icons so that they aren’t too large or small but the perfect fit for the field labels.

5 Different Animations

Animations are used to display the text on hover of tooltip icons. You can select from 5 different animations.

Change Tooltip Position

It is also possible to move the tooltip text to right, left, top and bottom of the tooltip icon. If for some reason space is not available in selected position then the tooltip text will get automatically adjust its position.

Set Width of Tooltip Container

You can limit the size of tooltip container as well. Values can be given in pixels , percentage or em.

5 Beautifully Crafted Themes

We have created a set of beautiful and ready to use themes for tooltips. If you want to create your own then it can be also done with ease.

Use Custom HTML in Tooltips

Wan to add links , images and videos in tooltips? Well it can be done using the tooltips plugin as it supports custom HTML

Live preview of all Design changes

All the design changes you make will be live previewed so that you can don’t have save them to see how they look. Just save the changes when you are happy with the design.

Here is the detailed walkthrough video of Tooltips for Gravity Forms Plugin.

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Tooltips for Gravity Forms contains plenty of options to create custom and beautiful tooltips.